What is the best hand drip coffee maker for home

Hand drip is really one of the best way to taste coffee. It can take a bit of work to do it at home but having the right equipment will reduce the difficulty significantly.  With this in mind, it is worth spending some money to buy the best hand drip coffee maker and this is what the article will be discussing today. However, with so many models in the market, it can time challenging to go through each and every one of them. Fortunately, the work has been done for you with this list of the top hand drip coffee station for the home.


Hario hand drip pot 480MI review

best hand drip coffer maker - HarioThe Hario 480 MI is an excellent hand drip coffee maker. Its main difference lies in the use of a cloth filter, rather than a paper one.  With a cloth filter, you

  • Improves the taste as the holes in the cloth filter is  smaller than a paper filter. This allows the coffee grinds to have a longer brewing time in the filter.
  • Reduces costs as you don’t to need to replace the filter often

The downside is you do have to care for the cloth if you want it to last. One tip is to boil the cloth regularly and then stored in a zip lock bag before putting it in the fridge. It is important not to let the cloth ‘dried’ out as it will pick an odor that slips into the coffee taste. This is why you have boil it constantly and to keep the cloth damp.

Since Hario is a Japanese product, do note that all the instructions are in Japanese. Although using this product is not complicated, you do need to know to clean it properly. For those who can’t read Japanese, please pay attention to the type of sponge. Only use soft sponge and mild soap. Do not attempt to use cleanser, or other hard types of cleaning appliances as this will damaged the glass.

If you want to get the best hand drip coffee out of this appliance, it is best to keep your coffee grind as fine as possible. Here is a guide that was previously written on what is the best grind size for pour over coffee. However, using finely grained coffee tend to clog the cloth filter more easily. Using a sprayer is the best way to remove the grind clogs.


Chemex 6 cup pour over coffee maker review

chemex cold brew coffee makerThe Chemex hand drip coffee maker is another top rated product in its category. People who have used it have sweared by it and will not use anything else. This is how good the coffee taste is for them to abandon their automatic coffee makers!

The key to keeping the Chemex coffee maker in tip top shape is in the cleaning process. Do not take the wooden collar during cleaning although you must make sure it doesn’t touch the water. How? Just pour hot water into the body to clean up the coffee. If you need to use a cleaning agent, for a mild cleaning soap as well as baby bottle soft brush cleanser. If you do this carefully, you will minimize contact between the wooden collar and water.

To get the best no bitterness coffee, you probably need to go trough a few pots to find the right pour over coffee ratio.  Once that is done, you will enjoy one of the best coffee you have ever tasted.


Hario v60 ceramic coffee maker review

Hario cermaic v60 hand drip coffee maker I have talked about the Hario v60 before in this review article. Its main funnel design and hole placement is what makes such a big difference when it comes to improving the taste of the pour over coffee.  Specifically, the design allows for a faster extraction without any vacuum forming during the process. The special Hario paper filter enforces the brewing process by guiding the grinds to be in the correct place within the water.

This is why your coffee will taste good 🙂

Another thing to note is the use of ceramic instead of glass. Ceramic is great for retaining heat and also being able to take a few knocks relative to glass.  It also wouldn’t feel hot to the touch so the risk of getting burns is significantly reduced.

However do note that any hand drip coffee needs more involvement than an automatic coffee maker. It is not just throwing the grinds into the machine and that is do its work. Instead, you need to boil the water separately, pour it in with the right amount and at the right place, and then letting the water drain. There are specifics to the pouring method that I shall not cover here but just want to say it goes beyond just pouring the water in.

If you love to be involved in this process, you will love making hand drip coffee.



We have featured the best hand drip coffee makers that are value for money and have received plenty of positive feedback.  If you don’t mind being move involved in the pour over coffee making process, then you will enjoy using these coffee makers.