Here’s why pour over coffee is the best way to taste coffee

As coffee enthusiasts, we’ve found that many coffee drinkers prefer to stick only to espresso-based coffee. While we love a good cappuccino or flat white as much as the next guy, it’s disappointing when we hear people saying they don’t like pour over coffee. Here are some of the ridiculous reasons we’ve heard and our honest responses.

“It doesn’t taste like normal coffee.”

Here’s news for you: pour over coffee is real coffee. Unless you’re drinking an espresso or macchiato, most espresso-based drinks contain more milk or water than coffee. While that makes for a delicious and soothing cuppa, you won’t be able to detect all of the wonderful flavours of the coffee.

“It feels watered down.”

In espresso, hot water is pushed through finely ground coffee at high pressure to produce a highly concentrated shot in a matter of seconds. The resulting cup of coffee, naturally, tastes rich and bold even when milk or water are added.

Pour over coffee is brewed by letting water run naturally through the coffee grounds and hence, it’s not as concentrated as espresso. With its syrupy texture, however, pour over coffee allows you to taste the nuances of different types of coffee – this is the best way to appreciate this amazing drink!

“It’s sour!”

We do admit that sometimes, pour over coffee will taste more acidic and that’s something many everyday coffee drinkers can’t get used to. This is due to the fact that coffee beans meant for filter brews are a light to medium roast, and even more experienced coffee lovers may not enjoy it personally.

What comes with sourness, however, is also the natural light fruit and floral aromas that are usually missing from the darker roast of espresso coffee. Ethiopian coffees, for instance, frequently include citrus and berry notes.

pour over coffee taste2

Apart from how pour over coffee brings out the purer and more subtle flavours of coffee, it’s also more affordable and easier to make than espresso. When all’s said and done, we all have our individual taste preferences – but you should definitely venture at expanding your coffee palate before you decide to stick to any type of coffee.