Is there a plastic free glass kettle?

In my review of the best glass electric kettle, I touch on a few models that have very little plastic component in their makeup. Unfortunately, there is not one of them that is completely plastic free. So, as a consumer, what is the next best alternative you look for if you want a safer way to drink coffee? Read on to find out.


#1: BPA free plastic

The main reason why we want to have a plastic free kettle is to avoid Bisphenol A in our water. BPA is a type of endocrine disruptor that can affect our hormone system if we consumer too much of it. Unfortunately, food and water heated in plastic material tend to have a higher concentration of BPA, thus leading to many possible health problems down the road including prostate cancer, inferring with brain and reproductive development etc. .

If there is no plastic free kettle, the next best thing is to look for BPA free electric kettle. These kettle have plastic component that are free of BPA such that even when the heated water is in contact, no traces of BPA will be found in it.  The substitute for BPA in these products is known as Bisphenol S, BPS for short.

Unforuntately, a new UCLA study that found that BPS products might caused the same damage as the BPA products they are trying to replace.  In the study, they examine the impact of both BPA and BPS on zebrafish and found that both susbtance cause premature birth. Other earlier studies have also linked BPS with the inference of cell function including premature growth and death.


#2: Is plastic in contact with heated water

Molla glass kettle with temperature controlIf the jury on the use of BPS is still undecided, the best way for us is to see where the plastic component of the kettle is located and make sure it is not in contact with boiling.  In reviewing all the glass kettle, I find the Molla glass kettle to have the best position in terms of plastic usage. Specifically, the plastic can be found in the holder for the filter. Water will only touch the plastic when you are pouring it. In this case, the contact time is minimal and the water is definitely not boiling.

The worst possible model to buy is the Breville glass kettle because the plastic is found between the metal and glass in the heating area. This position means boiling water is in actual contact with the plastic and for a prolong period of time. If you are particular about having a plastic free kettle, avoid buying the Breville model and go for the Molla instead.


#3:  Buy glass kettle

A glass kettle allows you to easily see which part is plastic or which is not. Also, the fact that majority of the kettle is glass means plastic will be less used.  Glass kettle is less commonly known as most homes still revert to stainless steel or normal steel.



Plastic free kettle is currently non existent in the market. The tip here is buy one where there is minimal plastic used, is BPA free and has no contact with boiling water.