Look good and be safe with these glass electric kettle

Most kettle, be it for coffee or tea, have silver or metal casing. Some of them do look good but wouldn’t it be nice to have something different, like a glass electric kettle? They not only will attract visitors’ attention but is actually safer for consumption since water will not be touching any plastic parts. Moreover, if you watched water boiling through a transparent glass, it is actually pretty fun and I would say even addictive.

In this guide, I will take you through some fantastic looking glass kettles and tell you which is the best for the money.


Glass electric kettle reviews

Here are our top 5 recommendations after considering the price and functions of all models in the market.


Oxo glass kettle with filter review

oxo glass eletric kettle reviewOxo kettle is one of the more pricey cordless glass electric kettle but the quality of the appliance is higher than most in the market. It checks all the right boxes including auto switch off, fast boiling, a slip proof bottom, quality stainless steel material, 360 degree swivel base and overall great design. If you don’t mind paying for quality, this is the kettle to get.

Besides the above basic criteria, there are just many nice touches to make using this kettle such a nice experience.

  • Cord storage. You can easily store the cord away by swirling it around the charging base and making the kitchen top neat and tidy.
  • Filter: There is a filter at the top of the kettle such that it helps to filter the water whenever you are pouring from the kettle. Best of all, this filter can be easily replaced.
  • Balance is good as you can easily control the water flow even when the kettle is full.
  • Handle is very comfortable to hold even when water is boiling. It is also non slip to prevent any potential accidents.
  • Large capacity. It is bigger than most kettle so you get more water per boil. Downside is that it can hard to store if your cabinet is not tall enough. Pls check the measurement before purchase.

If there are any complaints, it is that there is some plastic being used inside the lid. What happens is that steam can condense on the plastic and make it back into the water, which is what we want to avoid. It is not as bad as direct touch with boiling water but I feel this can be totally removed for 100% plastic free contact.


Molla – glass kettle with temperature control

Molla glass kettle with temperature controlFor those looking to buy an electric glass kettle with temperature control, Molla kettle is a good choice. While it is a bit pricey, the kettle has many advance features that other models do not such as: temperature control, anti calc filter and a fast boiling time. These are on top of normal functions such as automatic switch off, cool handle, cordless power and a 360 degree swivel base.

Beyond the top, what I liked is its quietness. Without using formal test such as a sound meter, I can say it is possibly the most quiet glass kettle among all the models reviewed here. In fact, it might also be the fastest as it takes slightly less than 5 minutes to boil.

In terms of plastic contact, there is 2 major areas where plastic is used. One is the plastic filter which can be removed. The other is the holder that holds the filter. Unfortunately, that cannot be removed and will touch the water when the water is being poured. However, there is no contact during boiling.


Oster kettle review

Oster glass kettle reviewOster kettle is another kettle that features the cool blue lighting which makes the appliance really outstanding when in use. It also kicks off similar boxes as the Oxo but is much cheaper than it. The only difference is that Oster boils water at a slightly slower speed when compared to the Oxo. The former will take around 6 minutes while the latter needs only 5.

Quality wise, it has a more consistent standard relative to the Ovente and is about the same as Oxo. It is made mostly from stainless steels and has all the necessary functions like automatic switch off, cordless design, slip proof bottom, cool handle and a 360 swivel base.

Protip: if you find water spots at the bottom, use vingar to remove it. The reason for having such spots is either due to the kettle being boil dry or failure to clean the kettle for a long while .


Ovente kettle review

ovente kettle reviewOvente kettle is one of the lower price glass kettle with blue lighting that looks good and functions really very well. Most of the time anyway. There are reviews online that complaint about the inferior quality of the kettle. This is probably due to the fact that the it is made in China, which is not famous for producing consistent quality products. Hence, whether the particular one you are buying is good quality or not really depends on your luck. If it came from a faulty production batch, then just attribute it to bad fortune and request for a replacement.

If you have gotten a good quality piece, then expect to enjoy convenience and best of all, a good deal. I especially love the lighting effect when the water is boiling. It is not only mesmerizing to watch but makes the kettle really different from others.  There is also a water mesh at the top to help with some basic filtering. If you don’t like the black color, the brand has many other color options for you to choose form: ranging from red to lime green to pink and orange.

In terms of whether this is a glass kettle with no plastic, then the answer is no if you are strict about it. Most of the material is glass and stainless steel but there is a couple of plastic parts, although they are not directly in contact with the water.


Breville glass kettle review

Breville glass kettle reviewBreville is no stranger to most people as it is a big household name. Unfortunately, famous also usually means more expensive and that is indeed the case here. The price on this Breville kettle is the highest so a retail price of USD99. However, I can’t seem to find a feature that makes it worthwhile when you can spend less and get almost the same product in all brands.

If you are wondering the high price means no plastic in this kettle, you will be disappointed. Although majority of the material is non plastic, there is a layer between the metal and the glass which is made of rubber. Worst of all, this is the part that receives the most heat and has DIRECT contact with the water. While I am sure it is BPA free, I prefer it not to be there in the first place.

Besides the above point and the high price, the rest of the kettle works fine. It has all the important things such as auto shut off, fast boiling, cool handle and a sleek design. However, it does not have a 360 swivel base nor a bell or whistle to alert you when the boiling is achieve.

However, it does have a nice slow opening lid. The purpose is to avoid lots of steam from rushing out and attacking your face. This is the only glass kettle that has this feature.


Hamilton beach 40865 review

Hamilton beach glass kettle reviewHamilton beach‘s glass kettle sits somewhere between the cheap Ovente and the pricey Breville. Functions wise, it has all the basic criteria such as automatic shut off, water filter mesh and made mostly of glass and stainless steel. It is also easy to store as the footprint on this is rather. However, it does not have the 360 swivel base for left handed folks.

However, there are a couple of things that I think can be improved on.

First, the cords are really prone to overheating as this probably due to the thin cord and the high voltage. There is no obvious downside to this but I believe it might cause problems down the road.

Second, the lid is made of pure plastic so it faces the same problem as the Oxo i.e. steam might condense on the plastic and slip into the water. Even though its BPA free plastic, I am sure there are some who doesn’t like this. Fortunately, there is no plastic that has direct contact with the water, like the Breville model.


Buying guide

When buying any kettle, here is a checklist of things to look out for.

  • Boil dry protection: Electric kettles should have an automatic shut off mechanism to prevent accidents from happening in case we sometimes forget about boiling water. This criteria is non negotiable and should be present in any model you are considering.
  • No plastic in contact with water: The last thing we want in our drink is have some melted plastic parts because of the high heat. This is why we do not any model where the plastic is exposed to the water. It is not possible to have a 100% glass kettle as it will break but avoid models where the plastic component is not hidden from the water.
  • Cordless: I would advice you to get the cordless version of the glass kettle as it is easier to transport. Make sure the bottom of the kettle is insulated so it can be placed anywhere when being carried from the charging base.
  • 360 degree swivel base for left handed folks: A glass kettle with a 360 swivel is suitable for both right and left handed users. Most traditional kettle modelsares more convenient for a right handed person due to charging base being fixed.


Glass kettle vs stainless steel

For those who are wondering whether to get a glass kettle or a stainless steel one, below is their pros and cons for comparison

  • Breaking: Obviously the glass version will have a higher chance of breaking so don’t worry so much. If you are wondering if glass kettle is safe, I would say it is harder to break than what you are expecting.
  • Taste: Stainless steel has been shown to affect the taste of water, at least more than glass. One potential way of removing the taste is to boiling soda for a few rounds before using it.
  • Price: Glass kettle tend to be slightly cheaper on average compared to stainless steel



An electric glass kettle with no plastic is something that is really not possible as it will break if the glass is 100% of the kettle. The important thing is to know whether the plastic will touch the water directly, especially during the boiling stage. Most of the models presented here will not have this problem except for the Breville model.