Best grind size for pour over coffee

What is the best grind size for pour over coffee? The answer to this question largely depends on the pour over coffee method that you’re using, and usually ranges between “medium” and “fine”. This descriptive and visual guide should help you get to the right grind size for your pour over coffee. (Images by Craft Coffee)


Best grind size for Chemex and Kalita Wave Dripper

best grind size for chemex

The Chemex requires a medium-coarse grind. Chemex filters are heavy to filter out unwanted fats and oils while allowing water to flow more slowly, so a grind that is too fine will delay the filtration process. However, it should be finer than that of a drip or French Press grind.


Best grind size for Kalita Wave and Bee House Dripper

best grind size for Kalita Wave

While the Bee House is considered a cone dripper, it does have a narrow flat bottom. If you want to be even more precise with your grind size, the grind for the Kalita Wave should lean towards the coarse end, closer to the medium-coarse grind for the Chemex (above), while the grind size for the Bee House dripper should be closer to a medium-fine grind (below).


Best grind size for Hario V60 and Woodneck

best grind size for v60

For the V60 and Woodneck dripper, a medium-fine grind is best. This is what experts term as “sandpaper”, and you should still be able to feel the particles and texture in your coffee grind. The Woodneck uses a cloth filter, which produces a thoroughly clean cup.



Grind size is one of the hardest things for beginner home baristas to understand and gauge. Often brewing guides will instruct you to grind your beans with a “fine” or “very fine” setting, and you’ll hear descriptive terms for the texture of the grind, like “coarse sandpaper” or “table salt” or “cornmeal”. Don’t worry too much – just experiment and practice, and over time you’ll be familiar with the right grind size for your pour over coffee. Remember, also, that a quality burr grinder or hand grinder will give you better control over your coffee grind size.