Hario V60 range coffee server review

If you don’t like the awkwardness of using a pour over coffee stand when brewing your daily cuppa, and balk at having to brew into a mug where you can’t see what’s going on, then the Hario V60 range coffee server is the solution. This clear carafe also acts as a perfectly-sized pour over coffee stand that you can easily put on a scale.


Hario V60 range coffee serverFeatures

  • Fine borosilicate glass
  • Glass lid with silicone seal
  • Available in 360ml and 800ml capacity
  • Compatible with your choice of pour over coffee maker
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Made In Japan

The name of Hario’s coffee servers can be quite misleading – the Hari V60 range coffee server actually comes in various versions, many of which involve colored plastic handles and parts. We recommend only using this all-glass series as it’s better made than those with plastic parts. The glass is thicker and also has the same scalloped design as the Hario V60 Buono pour over coffee kettle.


Ease of Use

Although it carries the V60 branding, we can assure you that the Hario coffee server fits the Kalita Wave, Bee House, and other pour over coffee drippers with no problem. And while it’s not strictly a pour over coffee stand, that’s essentially what it is – a stand and a carafe at the same time. You can brew your pour over coffee directly into the Hario coffee server and then pour out smaller amounts to drink. Since it’s made of glass, you can enjoy the sight of your beautiful, fresh pour over coffee being extracted, ready to give you that caffeine high.

And here’s the reason why we prefer this all-glass version of the Hario V60 range coffee server to the glass-and-plastic versions: you can place this in the microwave to reheat your coffee if you really have to. Just a minute or less of heating will do. No burnt or melted plastic parts!

Finally, we really like the glass lid with its silicone seal. You can still pour your coffee with the lid on, while the seal holds the lid in place and prevents coffee from spilling/leaking out. It even acts as a nifty little holding tray for your coffee dripper when you’re done pouring over coffee and don’t want the last drops to get on the countertop.

The Hario V60 range coffee server really is the best of both worlds, allowing you to easily brew pour over coffee while letting you serve to guests, drink from your favorite mug, or even keep for later warming and drinking. Just be careful not to break it.

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