Manual drip coffee stand review

Manual or hand drip coffee stand is a nice way to make a cup of pour over coffee.  It is deliciously slow but that is what makes the brewing of cold drip coffee a unique way of enjoying coffee. The good news is these drip coffee stands are very affordable and here are some of my top recommendations.


Metal Hario drip coffee stand review

hario metal drip coffee stand reviewHario is one of my favourite products when it comes to making pour over coffee, except for the title of the best electric gooseneck kettle, which I prefer Bonavita.  Given my preference, this Hario stand is an easy choice to recommend as it not only works will all Hario drippers but is very beautiful to look at.  I remember placing it at my office and getting all sorts of compliments from my colleagues on how well it look.

Besides the good looks, the built quality is solid as well as it is made of stainless steel with a heat resistant handle.  In addition, the curved design is done to improve your pouring technique over time.

However, there is one nagging flaw. With the V60 dripper, its center is not directly above the opening of the the Hario Range Server when placed in this stand. It means a few drips might spill over to the table or the stand itself. Depending on how obsessive you are with cleanliness, this might present problems for some.

Other than the above, this is a well design and affordable metal drip coffee stand. Recommended.


Professional Graded Products drip coffee stand review

Modern pour over coffee standIn my article on the top 5 commercial pour over coffee stand, I recommend this stand as the most affordable model to buy.  It is still my favorite choice if you want something cheap but sturdy.

The pros of this model from professional graded products is that it has a good finishing and has rubber protection over its 4 corners. The latter is very useful to avoid scratching other appliances or your wall.

However, do note that drip coffee stand is only suitable for ceramic cups. If you have big dripper systems, they wouldn’t fit into the holes so please ensure you have the right dripper size before doing any purchase.

My recommendation is to buy this together with the Hario V60 dripper so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the size issue.


POVA drip coffee stand review

Metal drip coffee standFinally, we have the lovely POVA stand that works very similarly to the one above.  It is also made of recycle aluminum and has the 4 corner rubber protection as well.

The only difference is in the finishing. The quality of finishing is definite higher for POVA as every hole and edge has been filed smoothly, relative to the one from Profession Graded Products.

Maybe it is due to better workmanship that the POVA model costs lightly more if you buy in Amazon. This one is priced at USD30 while the one above is around USD25. Not a big difference but might be significant to some.


So, these 3 are my choices for the top drip coffee stand for your home or for commercial business. If you have other recommendations, I would love to hear from them.