Top 5 commercial pour over coffee stands

If you’re looking to scale up your pour over coffee brewing and take it to the next level, but don’t yet want to invest in expensive custom designed and custom made pour over coffee bars, then it’s time to get a commercial pour over coffee stand. Commercial pour over coffee stands usually hold 2 or more pour over coffee makers so that you can brew more coffee, faster. There are also some pour over coffee stands that hold only one dripper but are much more versatile and solidly designed than the usual home pour over coffee stand.

When choosing a commercial pour over coffee stand, it’s important to look for the following:

  1. A solid build that can withstand lots of use (and abuse)
  2. Easy to clean and wash
  3. Suitable dimensions for your counter
  4. Flexibility with different pour over coffee makers/drippers

Unlike your home pour over coffee stand, commercial stands aren’t going to be very fancy or colorful – they’re made for functionality and for looking inconspicuous. With the above in mind, here are our favorite commercial pour over coffee stands. We’ve ruled those that can’t fit different types of pour over coffee drippers, are flimsy, or are cumbersome to use.


1.Starbucks Wooden Pour-Over Coffee Stand

top commercial pour over coffee stand - starbucks

If you want a commercial pour over coffee stand, why not just use the Starbucks’ version, which has already been proven by the brand to work well. Yes, this is the actual pour over commercial pour coffee stand that Starbucks is using its own cafes. It is made of beautiful wood with a quality finish that looks great in any kitchen.

Cleaning it is easy and and using it is even simpler. This commercial stand measures 11 inches long, 7 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches deep. The package comes with one ceramic cone. If you want to have two being used at the same time, you can always order one extra when you are buying this unit from Amazon.


2. Melitta 4 Station Stainless Steel Pour-Over Coffee Bar

Melitta 4 Station commercial pour over coffee maker

Dimensions: 6.25″ (Depth) * 8.25″ (Height)

We’ve reviewed the Melitta pour over coffee stand before, and we’re happy to say we still like it. While it’s not as sturdy as the TruBru, this stainless steel piece is still well-made and easy to clean. The side handle holes also make for easy moving around with less fear of breaking anything.

This set from Melitta includes four #2 brewing cones and 40 Melitta cone filters, which can be used with other cone drippers as well.

Check prices and more info from Amazon.


3. Modern commercial pour over coffee stand

Modern pour over coffee stand

This is one of the more affordable cold brew coffee stand that you can find in the market. With a price range of around USD20+, it is a good purchase for those with a budget. The finishing is good and the material is recycled aluminium. I liked the rubber protection on 4 corners of this stand as it can prevent scratches and such.

Do note however it doesn’t come with any ceramic cups, which probably explains its low pricing. Nevertheless, it is probably the cheapest stand available and it works very well. Some might find the hole to be cup too close. This is indeed true as it can’t fit an aeropress stand tool. However, for normal ceramic cones, the holes should be fine.


4. Bonavita Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand

Don’t let its simple appearance fool you – this commercial pour over coffee stand from Bonavita is just as good as its brand name suggests. The height-adjustable steel stand makes it easy to fit any size mug or carafe, while the porcelain base keeps it sturdy and acts as a drip tray. The holder also has a rubber coating to keep your dripper from sliding or turning as your brew your pour over coffee.

If you prefer a more flexible option rather than a fixed pour over coffee area, the Bonavita is your best choice. You can get two or three of these and they can even be easily set on a scale for precision pour over coffee brewing.

Get it now from Seattle Coffee Gear.


5. Hario Acrylic Pour Over Coffee Stand

Acrylic commerical pour over coffee stand

Another affordable version of the stand comes from Hario’s Acrylic stand. Although it is not made of wood or stainless steel, it still looks elegant. It also works well as it allows you to store almost everything you need to make a pour over coffee including scale, dripper etc.

Its design and cheap price makes this a good option for use in cafes. You might need to buy a few of these though as each stand can only take one cone.