Best electric gooseneck kettle

We have mentioned how much we loved the electric pour over kettle from Bonavita. However, is it the best electric gooseneck kettle in the market? To answer this question, we have dug deep and put together a list of what we consider the top rated gooseneck kettle in the market today. Surprising, there wasn’t too many options out there so we shortlisted only the top 2 models to be reviewed here.  All of them are electrical so there is no fumbling over over and such. Read it and see if you agree with our recommendations.


Bonavita electric gooseneck kettle review

Bonavita variable temp kettleThis model is something we clearly enjoyed so it is no surprise that we are including it into our list of recommended electric gooseneck kettle. As mentioned in our previous review, the Bonavita pour over kettle has a fantastic temperature control function that will keep the water at a desired temperature. This eliminates the need for any reheating, temperature taking and other troublesome tasks. With this kettle, it is just setting the control and letting it do all the work. It is a fantastic appliance and one we are still recommending.

Another nice thing we love is that the kettle will not boil over, which is a common problem among other pour over kettle such as from Hario. You can fill the water to the 1 litre point and all will be good.

The timer is a god send. With pour over coffee, you need to time your pours for the best favor. In the past, we need a separate timer in the kitchen just to do this, which is cumbersome to say the least. With this built in time, we can set the necessary pouring times within a 7 minute time frame and the kettle will let you know when is the best time to pour. Together with the constant temperature function, it eliminates many of the processes needed to make a good cup of pour over coffee.

Now you see why we love this so much 🙂


Hario electric gooseneck kettle review

hario electri gooseneck kettle reviewThe Hario electric kettle is another highly rated gooseneck kettle that you can consider. It is made of stainless steel and has a pretty small surface area so it can be used in offices.

What we like about the Hario model is its retractable cord design.  Underneath the kettle is where the cords can be retracted and stored neatly. Due to this, it looks very elegantly on a table or countertop.

Other than the outlook, this kettle also has very precise pouring, like the Bonavita kettle. This is due to the gooseneck sprout which I guess is the main reason why people are buying gooseneck kettles in the first place.

However, we found that the full capacity of the kettle is no 1 liter as stated. It is actually only 0.8 liter so it might have difficulty filling 2 cups with one boil. Like we stated above, it is a small kettle with an elegant design so it is not surprising to find its capacity being smaller than the Bonavita gooseneck kettle.

The cost is slightly more expensive as it is imported from Japan. Do note that it is manufactured in China even though it says it is imported from Japan. We are not sure how much difference does this make but we know some purchasers are particular about not buying made in China products.


Bonavita vs Hario electric pour over kettle

Since there is only 2 models, we thought it will be useful to directly compare the two of them to see their pros and cons.


#1: Temperature control

The most glaring omission from Hario is the temperature control function that Bonavita has. We love this feature so much that we can’t really use other kettle that don’t have this function. Imagine having to reboil the water and taking its temperature each time you want to repour. That is too much work for lazy sobs like us and we rather use a gooseneck kettle that does this for us 🙂


#2: Speed

Increasing, even though the Hario has less capacity, it is slower relative to the Bonavita 1 liter model. Using stop watches, we clock the Bonavita at around 4 minutes from room temperature to boiling whereas Hario took over 5 minutes.


#3: Capacity

As mentioned previously, the Hario 1 liter model actually only holds around 0.8 liter so it has less capacity when compared to the Bonavita’s 1 liter model.


#4: Boiling over

Bonavita doesn’t allow its water to boil due to the way the interior is designed. Hario, unfortunately, allows that to happen and we hated it when it does. Who wants to waste time to clean up the water around the kettle?


$5: Footprint

Hario wins in the footprint area as it is really compact in design when compared to the Bonavita. If you lack space, this is the one feature you might want to consider when you are buying an electric gooseneck kettle.


#6: Price

The Bonavita is slightly more pricey than the Hario. It is not a big difference. Depending on where you do your purchase, the range is between USD10 to USD20.



If forced to choose between the two, our choice will be the Bonavita electric gooseneck kettle. Its temperature control and in built time are time savers and make the process of brewing pour over coffee such an enjoyable task, even though we have to pay more for it.