Top 3 rated best pour over coffee stands

It’s easy to think of the pour over coffee stand as just another fancy kitchen accessory. After all, you could just brew your pour over coffee into a mug or carafe, right? Well, a pour over coffee stand also functions as a nice spot to keep your coffee equipment ready at hand for daily coffee brewing and can make the whole experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable.

When choosing your pour over coffee stand, it’s important to look for the following:

  1. A design and material that suits your home decor
  2. Ease of use i.e. no fanciful but impractical bits, especially where you would place your mug or carafe to collect the coffee
  3. Long-lasting material and quality

There are plenty of attractive-looking pour over coffee stands out there, but trust us Рthey only look good in pictures. Most of them are too light, topple easily, or are too restrictive in the size of mug or decanter that you can use (which defeats the purpose of a stand, since you might as well brew directly into your mug). With both looks and functionality in mind, here are our top 3 choices for the best pour over coffee stand.


1. Hario VSS-1T Acrylic Stand with Drip Tray, $43.39

Hario pour over coffee stand

Size: 5.4″ x 8.5″ x 5.9″

We’ve reviewed this Hario pour over coffee stand before, and it really is a gem to have in any kitchen. Together with the Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer, it makes a simple and efficient pour over coffee setup. The stand works with the Hario V60 (of course), as well as the Kalita Wave, Bee House, and Melitta cone.

The only drawback of the Hario pour over coffee stand is the fixed height and width, which means you can’t brew your pour over coffee directly into a taller/wider mug or decanter. Also, if you’re using only the stand without the scale, the plastic bottom tends to slide on smoother surfaces – this can be easily fixed with some stick-on rubber feet.

The Hario Acrylic Stand with Drip Tray is conveniently available at Amazon.


2. The Professor Pour Over Coffee Stand, $189

Top rated best pour over coffee stands 1

Checking the boxes for both form and function, this beautifully crafted handmade stand by The Coffee Registry definitely qualifies as home decor. The brass-and-walnut contraption certainly has an intellectual feel to it, with an adjustable height holder for your dripper so you can accomodate mugs or decanters of varying sizes.

Our V60 and Melitta drippers sat fine on the brass ring, and the base is finished with a food safe coating so the whole thing is very easy to clean. We do wish the base could be a tad larger for decanters like the Hario V60 Range Coffee Server, but it still works fine and the stand doesn’t slide around even on glass countertops.

The Professor pour over coffee stand is available at The Coffee Registry.


3. JM & Sons Pour Over Coffee Stand, $95

For the aesthetically inclined and environmentally conscious, this hand-crafted pour over coffee stand from JM & Sons will definitely be the best coffee stand for you. Composed of raw iron and reclaimed barn wood, the clean design fits with Scandinavian-style or minimalist kitchens.

Looks aside, we like that this pour over coffee stand is unobtrusive as it gets. With 3 sides open, there’s no worry about spillage or too-wide decanters; unfortunately the fixed height means no tall mugs or tumblers, though a medium KeepCup still fits. Drippers up to 2.5 inches base width¬†sit nicely on the stand.

Order now from Huckberry (includes dripper).