Fino kettle instructions you might not know

When we published our Fino kettle review, we didn’t go into details on some of the finer points in using this fantastic pour over coffee kettle. To made up for that, we have written some instructions on how to get the best our of your Fino kettle. If there is anything we missed out, free feel to ask us in the comments.


#1: How do you know the water in a Fino kettle is boiling?

The easiest way I know of is to watch for the steam. That is the most obvious sign. Another way is to listen to the sound. Before it boils, the sound is mostly hissing sounds but after the water boils, it quietens down. The second approach is useful when you don’t want to be standing at the side of the kettle and waiting for it to boil.


#2: Can fino kettle be used on an induction table?

The answer is a yes. The fino kettle can be used on either a gas stove or an electric induction table. Both works equally well.  The kettle itself has a flat bottom so it can sit comfortably on a smooth induction table.


#3: Is there warranty for this product?

The Fino kettle is from Japan so the warranty only extends to customers living in that country. If you are living in the US, I am afraid the warranty doesn’t extend to you.


#4: Where is the Fino kettle made?

For those who are concerned about Made in China products, you will be happy to know that all Fino kettle are made in Japan. You can easily check for yourself when you receive the kettle.


#5: How much water can the Fino kettle hold?

There are two versions of the kettle. The 4 1/4 cup version can hold around 1 liter of water. The larger 1.2l off-120 version of the kettle can hold 1.2 liter of water.


#6: How to clean the Fino Kettle?

As the opening of the kettle is relative small (around 3 inches), you need small hands if you want to get them inside to clean the kettle. Normally, this wouldn’t be necessary. All you need is a sponge and you will be able to stick them inside using your fingers to clean the interior of the kettle. Alternatively, a dish brush can also be used if your hands are really big to fit into the opening.