Fino pour over coffee kettle reviews

The Fino pour over coffee kettle is one of the less well-known brands in coffee brewers’ circles. However, it is actually among the cheapest and most suitable for home baristas due to its smaller l liter (approx 4.25 cups) capacity.

Fino pour over coffee kettle review



  • Narrow spout and gooseneck curved coffee and tea kettle; allows precise control during pouring
  • Slow and precise water flow extracts the most flavor when brewing coffee or tea with the pour over method
  • Angled handle keeps hands away from the heated pot
  • Made in Japan of 18/8 stainless steel; safe for use on gas, electric and induction stovetops; dishwasher safe

The Pour

Fino Pour Over Coffee KettleThe choice of pour over kettle is a highly subjective one, since it depends on the kettle’s weigh and feel in your hand, as well as your individual pour over method. Still, we were impressed by the build quality of the Fino pour over kettle – the seams are cleanly welded and the steel is very sturdy. The lid also fits nicely with none of that annoying jiggling, falling off while pouring, or getting stuck. While it’s dishwasher safe, we don’t recommend spoiling that beautiful shiny finish that looks so good in the kitchen. After all, it’s just a kettle so¬†you should only have to rinse it.

We boiled our water on a traditional gas stovetop and the handle remained comfortable for us to pick up. You can also use an electric or induction stovetop with no problems. The 3 vent holes on the lid start emitting steam once the water boils, so you’ll know when its ready for your pour over.

The water flow from the gooseneck spout is steady and easy to control, so you can have anything from a slow trickle or full flow without any sudden spurts or turbulence. It’s just nice for making 2 cups of pour over coffee and while some may complain that the capacity is too small, we prefer it this way because it ensures you’re using freshly boiled water at the right temperature. Plus, if you’re brewing pour over coffee at home, this smaller kettle will boil more quickly too.

If you’re looking for a quality, Japan-made gooseneck kettle at a reasonable price, the Fino pour over coffee kettle is your best choice.