Bodum pour over coffee maker with permanent filter review

We have briefly review the Bodum automatic pour over in our big list of automatic pour over coffee makers reviews as well as in our specific Bodum automatic pour over review.  In this article, we are focusing on a different model, namely the Bodum pour over with permanent filter i.e. the Bodum 11571-01.


Bodum 11571-01 review

Bodum pour over coffee maker with permanent filter reviewThe Bodum pour over coffee maker with permanent filter is for those who likes things easy and non complicated. All you need to do is to boil water and pour it in at the top with the grinds also inside, without the use of any electricity.  It does what it is intended to do, with both pros and cons.


The best thing about the Bodum 11571-01 is the ease of use. There is no complicated buttons to be familar with nor any kind of setting you need to memorise. Everything is basic and gets the job done.

It is easy to maintain due to the permanent filter feature. All you need to clean is to rinse it after usage and you are done. No more taking out the different parts of cleaning or for the dishwasher.

The ease of using and cleaning means you are more likely to use it to make coffee and that is the the real advantage i.e. making it easy for you to just make coffee. Other pour over coffee makers might have more functions or better taste but getting over the mental barrier of actually using the machine can be high for some.

Taste wise it is pretty subjective. Some might it be perfect while others might find it to be diluted. For comparison sake, I did a taste experiment between this and my usual cone shaped pour over coffee maker with the #4 coffee filter. To be honest, the latter produce less diluted coffee due to the way the filter is shaped. For the Bodum 11571, the drip shape makes it too easy for the water to slip through, thus creating a taste that feel more watery than the usual cone shaped maker. However, that is my personal assessment. You might find the taste to be just right for you.



There are a couple of things that I feel can be improved.

First, there is no handle for heat protection. As you can see from the image, this might create a scenario where you accidentally touch the hot area which cause you to drop the coffee maker and destroy it. Although this can definitely be avoided with careful handling, it is better if this pour over coffee maker has a heat resistant handle.

Second, the sprout for the new version seems to be not functioning as well as the previous one.  If you are not careful with this one during the pouring process, be prepared to see coffee spill all over your table top. I feel the last version works fine so I am not sure why they have to change it.


Tips on using the Bodum 11571

For those who really love the ease and simplicity of the Bodum 11571, here are some brewing tips to help you get the best from this pour over coffee system.

When pouring the hot water, don’t do it all at once. First, pour enough to saturate the grinds first. This will increase the length of time the water is in contact with the grinds. Once the grinds are saturated, you can pour the rest of the hot water into the machine at a faster speed.



Here are some answers to commonly used questions:


Is the filter really permanent?

One of the most asked questions is whether the filter is really permanent. The answer is actually no. You don’t need to change it as frequently as the typical paper cone shaped filter but it wouldn’t last for 10 years either. I will be comfortable saying the filter is good for 1-2 years.

How many cups of coffee can it make?

On average, one brew is good for 4 cups or 2 mugs of coffee. Should be enough for a small family or a couple who likes coffee.

Can I heat it over the stove?

I have not personally try it but looking at how delicate the Bodum pour over coffee maker is, I will seriously reconsider the heating up. I rather you keep the coffee in a thermal flash if you want it to keep its warm.



Overall, the Bodum pour over coffee maker with a permanent filter is not for everyone. Its strength lies in its simplicity which encourages frequent usage. However, if you are a coffee snout, you might not agree with its taste.