Bodum pour over coffee maker review

Bodum is well-known among consumers for its product design just as much as for quality. With the Bodum Automatic pour over coffee maker, style-conscious coffee lovers can have both style and substance in the home.

Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Bodum never fails to wow with its modern, minimalist designs. The sleek curves of the filter and carafe combine to form an hourglass shape, and the entire machine comes in 4 colors – including bright, eye-catching red and lime green. It really looks like something you would see in a hotel. What’s more, the back of the machine is translucent so you can see the entire pour over coffee brewing action!


Coffee Quality

If you used freshly ground coffee, the Bodum pour over coffee maker will produce a fantastic brew that’s strong and rich but not bitter. We attribute this to the glass tubing that keeps the water at the optimal brewing temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees centigrade). It’s certainly not as clean as a manual pour over coffee maker, but it’s better than traditional coffee machines.


Ease of Use

Making coffee with the Bodum pour over coffee maker is easy enough. We followed the instructions, filling the water tank directly from the tap, and the coffee was ready in just a few minutes. The insulated carafe also keeps the coffee warm so you can enjoy the great coffee it makes even hours later. However, we recommend still using filtered water so you prevent scaling build-up in the machine.

The Bodum Bistro also uses a stainless steel filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. We heartily approve of stainless steel filters since they’re more environmentally friendly than paper filters and also do not impart any unwanted taste to the coffee. Screen filters do allow some sediment to pass through, however, so you can counter this by using a coarser grind.



The quality of the coffee from the Bodum Bistro truly exceeded our expectations for a brand that is known more for physical design and quality than for taste. If a stylish kitchen is your thing, the Bodum pour over coffee maker can’t be missed.