What is the best pour over kettle with wood handle

From observations we understand some folks cannot handle hot stuff, like a metallic kettle handle. This is why we went in search of which particular model of pour over kettle with wood handle. After looking through all the different possibilities (fortunately, there wasn’t that many gooseneck kettles with wood handles), we finally decided on one and wanted to recommend it here.


Diguo kettle review

pour over kettle with wooden handleOn the first glance, the Digup kettle is a beautiful looking gooseneck kettle with an equally elegant wood handle. The body is made of stainless steel and can hold around 0.7 liters of water.

As mentioned, the biggest benefit of the Diguo kettle is its heat resistant handle. Compared to other pour over kettle models being reviewed here, it offers the best experience for those who doesn’t like hot handles. The thick wooden material insulates the handle very well. In additional, you will notice the handle is angled away from the main body so your hand will feel uncomfortable as it is grabbing the handle.

The built of the kettle cannot be overstated. The main body is made of one seamless stainless steel sheet as you can’t see any lines of any sorts. The only place you can see a seam is where the sprout is connected to the main body. That is how beautiful the thing is. Not only that, the material is thick so it feels like it can last for quite a while.

Another good point worth mentioning is the exceptional control you can have over the pouring. The long neck really makes a difference in terms of the amount of control you can have, relative to other gooseneck kettle. Your pouring will be smooth and consistent.

Best of all, it has a relatively affordable pricing, even with such a high quality finish and superb design. We didn’t expect to be able to get this at such a price but it is very value for money.



For pour over kettle, you can’t go wrong with this Diguo kettle. It has a very intelligent handle that minimizes the heat factor and it looks so good in your kitchen. Best of all, it improves your pour so you can better tasting pour over coffee. What else can you ask for?