Ninja coffee bar reviews

A coffee maker brand that is starting to get interest is Ninja coffee bar. Below is a chart from Google trends showing that the number of people showing for the Ninja coffee maker is indeed increasing at an alarming rate!

Ninja coffee bar reviews

So I decide to take a look and see what is so fascinating about this new coffee maker that everybody is trying to find out more information on.


Review of Ninja coffee bar

ninja coffee bar reviews

There is a lot to say about the Ninja coffee maker so let’s separate it into positives and negatives


The Ninja coffee bar claim to fame is its multiple functional features that seem to cater to different brewing methods and taste.  Right off the bat, you get to choose from 4 different brewing methods: classic, rich, over ice and specialty. That will already save you from having to buy multiple machines. However, do not expect that each function the best in their class. For example, the rich brew probably cannot match the taste to a french press, although the taste is still good and the amount of time you save is unbelievable.

Among the 4 brewing method, I think the “over ice” is a powerful one that can easily match the ice coffee you get at your local cafe. If you have not try it before, it is not easy to brew a cup of flavorful ice coffee as you need to ensure the coffee is strong enough even after the ice melts. I am happy to say that the ninja blender coffee did a great job in this aspect and to think this is only one of their 4 brewing methods!

Another great feature for the Ninja coffee bar is their various sizes of coffee. From one cup to the carafe, the machine can churn out consistent coffee, provided you follow the instructions on the amount of grains to be used. This eliminates the need for having multiple coffee machines just to brew different amounts of coffee.

In a nutshell, this is a powerful multi functional and multiple size machine. It will save you lots of time and money without comprising too much on the taste.



Design wise, it looks very sleek with its stainless steel material and refined lines.  However, there is a lot of plastics being using so this keeps from looking as good as the top of line brands. Nevertheless, it is a very affordable machine so I guess some comprise will be made somewhere to achieve the less than $200 price tag.

One thing that is a bit inconvenient is the size of the machine. The Ninja coffee maker is not a small appliance that can be stored in narrow cabinets. In fact, I would advice you to check the height of your kitchen cabinets and see if it can fit the Ninja coffee maker. If the appliance is too tall, you are going to facing a tricky storage problem.

Another thing noting mentioning is that the amount of grains that can go through the filter. This is a personal thing as different folks have different tolerance of grains in their coffee. To remedy this problem, simply add a paper filter and the amount of grains should reduce significantly.



As with any other new machine, comparing against existing brands is a way to tell which one is better.


Ninja coffee bar vs Keurig 2.0

Keurig is a popular choice among coffee maker so comparison will naturally be made. Below is how I see their differences:

  • Speed: Ninja coffee is slower than Keurig when it comes to making coffee because the former uses some form of thermal fusion technology that increases the speed needed for coffee brewing
  • Features: The Ninja coffee wins the Keurig hands down due to its multi brewing methods and coffee sizes. For example you can’t make an ice coffee with Keurig but is possible with a Ninja coffee bar.
  • Taste: This one is hard to objectively quantify as taste is a personal preference.  If we compare the ‘rich’ or ‘classic’ brewing option on the Ninja to Keurig, I must say that the Ninja coffee taste better than Keurig’s K cup.


Ninja coffee bar vs Nespresso

The most obvious difference between these 2 is the cost of using it. Nespresso’s machine are pods bases so you need to replace the pods on a regular basis. The Ninja coffee bar uses regular coffee grinds.

In terms of taste, I would argue that Nespresso did better if we compare just one type of brewing method: “rich”. The espresso you get from a Nespresso machine definitely tastes stronger and more concentrated than a Ninja. However, Nespresso is not as versatile and can’t venture into other types of coffee such as ice coffee.

Hence, if you drink just Espresso, then get the Nespresso. If you want variety and multi functionality, get the Ninja Coffee bar.


Ninja coffee bar vs Bunn

Personally, I feel there is no comparison between these two brands. The Ninja simply offers too many functions and options that the Bunn cannot match. The later also cannot produce any exceptional taste using any particular brewing method, unlike the Nespresso, so that makes it even harder to recommend over the Ninja.

The only saving grace is the price. Bunn’s coffee maker is definitely cheaper so it is suited for folks who just want a non frills kind of coffee machine.


Common brewing questions

As with any new machines, there will be tonnes of questions relating to its use. Here are some of the more common ones that I have seen multiple people asking


can ninja coffee make espresso, tea, hot chocolate and lattes?

One group of questions is with regards to the type of drinks this ninja blender coffee can do.

  • Espresso: The method used to make concentrated coffee for Ninja is different than traditional espresso brewing. In the latter typically pressure to force water through the beans. For Ninja coffee bar, it uses something more like a dripping method. Although the method is different, the taste is quite similar.
  • Lattes: No problem with this one as you can easily make a latte via the specialty brew function along with the frother.
  • Hot chocolate/tea: The machines doesn’t have a default function for making either. You can of course use this machine to heat up the water and add chocolate or tea but that will be a waste of this machine if you buy it for heating purpose.


can the Ninja grind coffee beans?

Unfortunately no.  You need to use a separate coffee grinder. I have recommended some in my article on best electric coffee grinder as well as best hand coffee grinder.


is Ninja coffee bar programmable

There is a control panel beneath the tank. Using it, you can program to make coffee via different brewing methods or amount of coffee. You can even tell it to start making coffee at a pre determined timing.


Is Ninja coffee bar worth the money

At the end of the day, is the  Ninja coffee bar worth the money? I would say yes if you are looking for a machine that offers you options in brewing methods and cup sizes. If you are just looking for a particular brewing style or a low cost coffee machine, then there are better choices elsewhere.