Kalita pour over coffee kettle reviews

If you make your pour over coffee using a Kalita Wave dripper, it’s time to complete your set with the Kalita pour over coffee kettle! Well, actually, it’s a great kettle that you can use with any pour over coffee maker. Read on to learn more.

Kalita Wave Pour Over Coffee Kettle


The Kalita pour over coffee kettle is clearly outstanding in terms of appearance and craftsmanship, with a corrugated ridged design on its body as well as the wooden handle. The steel is really solid with a shiny finish, and the handle and lid knob are attached with a screw. Contrary to other pour over coffee kettles, no one has complained about rusting on their Kalita kettle.

  • Size: 12,3cm bottom diameter x 23,5cm width (including handle, beak), 17.5cm height (including knob, lid)
  • Volume: 1L
  • Material: 18 stainless steel
  • Weight: 0.44kg
  • Made in Japan

The base plate of the kettle is magnetic and so it will work on induction stovetops as well as gas flame stovetops.

The Pour

Kalita pour over coffee kettle reviewAn interesting feature of the Kalita pour over coffee kettle is the graduated spout. While it does have a gooseneck shape, it’s not as narrow and that had us wondering if the water flow from the kettle would be less controlled. Our hands-on testing left us impressed – the flow was smooth and the most easily controlled pour we’ve experienced, without any turbulence from start to finish. If anything, the graduated spout allows more control over the speed and volume of water flow than a regular narrow gooseneck kettle.

Even though the kettle’s wood handle is placed quite close to the body and does get warmer than with other pour over coffee kettles, it was still fine to grip and, if it loosens, it can be easily tightened via the bottom screw. The height of the spout ensures that even when fully filled, water will not spurt from the spout when it comes to a boil.

The only small flaw with the kettle is that it cannot be emptied completely as the spout is positioned higher from the base than other kettles, such as the Hario pour over coffee kettle. That said, the 1 liter capacity is more than enough for making 2 cups of pour over coffee.

While it is among the priciest stovetop pour over coffee kettles available, the Kalita pour over coffee kettle is also the best in quality and definitely worth the splurge!