How to use pour over coffee maker

So you’ve had some wonderful pour over coffee at your favorite cafe and now you want to get started making your own pour over coffee at home. You’ve bought your pour over coffee equipment or even an automatic pour over coffee machine – so how exactly do you use it?

Image by Clive Coffee

How to use pour over coffee maker (manual dripper)

To make coffee, obviously you need to have coffee grounds. Freshly roasted coffee beans (~10 days old) are best – grind them only just before you’re brewing the coffee. This step alone makes a world of difference! You’ll smell the most amazing aroma of coffee before you even start brewing.

If you only have a dripper without a flask or stand to brew your coffee, you’ll need to make your single cup coffee directly into a mug or purchase a stand and flask.

Manual pour over coffee is really simple and straightforward, which is one of the reasons why people love it. Follow our guide on how to make pour over coffee and you’ll have your first cup in no time.

How to use pour over coffee maker (automatic machine)

Each automatic pour over coffee maker varies in the way it heats the water, transfers it through the coffee grounds, and retains the finished brew.

For machines that come equipped with metal filters, all you have to do is add your coffee grounds to the filter. Otherwise, you must add a paper filter to the dripping cone before adding coffee grounds.

If you’re using one of our listed automatic pour over coffee makers, they should be easy enough to use – just check the user manual for starters, or online for more advanced tips.


Be it for manual or automatic pour over coffee makers, make sure you keep your equipment clean after each use in order to get fresh, clean coffee every time.