How to make stronger pour over coffee

People enjoy coffee for different reasons. Some like it for the sheer taste while others want the caffeine kick. The latter group might find the pouring to be less ideal when it comes to brewing stronger or thicker coffee. If that descibes your current situation, here are some brewing tips you can used to make a stronger pour over coffee.


Tip #1: Double pour over coffee or repour

This is a non convention way to brew stronger coffee. You can repour your first brew back into the pour such that the coffee has more time to spend resting on the coffee bed. Although this seems workable, temperature control is the key here. Because this is a second pour, the temperature of your first brew might already dropped below the desired point by the time you repour it back. One way to overcome this weakness is to have an extra insulated pot or vessel to maintain the temperature of your first pour so that its temperature to closer to the desired point. If the temperature drops too much, a second pour would not make much difference as the heat is insufficient to trigger any additional coffee extraction.


Tip #2: Adjust the pour over coffee ratio

Any easier way as well as a more conventional one is simply adjust the pour over coffee ratio if you want a cup of stronger pour over coffee.  I have put together a list of pour over coffee ratio as recommended by various sites.  For those who prefer a stronger pour, simply increase the grain component relative to the amount of water. Do this by increasing the ratio one point at a time and see how the change affects the strength of the coffee. Do this repeatedly until you get a brew that you feel is strong enough.


Tip #3: Check your extraction process

Sometime, the problem is not about brewing a stronger cup of pour over coffee. Instead, there might be some mistakes in your pour over coffee brewing that leads to a weaker cup. Hence, I would double check on my setup to see if I got everything correct. If you need some help in this area, do check out my roundup on the best pouring over coffee brewing tips from 15 experts online.

Among the process, the extraction portion might be the main culprit for a less than ideal cup of pour over coffee.  Make sure your water temperature is at the ideal range of 200-205 Fahrenheit and your coffee bed is laid out correctly. Having the water at the right temperature and getting the right contact with the coffee grinds is the most important part of pour over coffee.



There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a cup of stronger pour over coffee. If your current brew isn’t strong enough for you, following the above tips should get you what you want. If you have other tips to share, please drop a comment and leave me know!