Hario electric pour over coffee kettle

If you’re a fan of the Hario Buono Drip Kettle, but want to get an electric kettle to make your morning pour over coffee ritual just that little bit faster, then it’s time to welcome the Hario Buono Electric pour over coffee kettle into your home. With exactly the same build as the original, the Buono Electric gives the same excellent pour control and comfy grip.


  • Cordless kettle
  • Cord can be stored under power plate
  • Made in Japan China
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Hario Electric pour over coffee kettleBuilt to North American electrical standards (120V 60Hz 1000W)

The Buono Electric kettle is as simple as it gets, with a single indicator light and On/Off switch that automatically jumps off once the water is boiling to prevent the water from boiling dry and causing any overheating accidents. The drawback is that you can’t return the kettle to the stove while finishing one pour over coffee and preparing for the next.


The Pour

It’s slightly slower at boiling water than a traditional kettle, but of course it has the most important feature of a gooseneck spout, which most generic electric kettles lack.

From a few rounds of pouring over coffee with a V60 and a Chemex, we still enjoyed a good, precisely controlled water flow and the overall brewing time didn’t change. Although there’s the added heating element (which actually seems quite crudely designed), the Hario electric kettle is still comfortably light and balanced in weight.

Some users have complained about a burnt plastic taste in their water from using this kettle, and sadly it’s caused by the plastic cap on the heating element. One solution is to remove the cap and boil it until the toxic taste is gone before replacing it. Also, not that we have had any issues with the build quality, but the kettle is made in China and not Japan as claimed.

Frankly, the only issue we have with the Hario Buono Electric pour over coffee kettle is its price. At $74, it’s definitely on the high end for a basic electric kettle. Compare this to the Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle which offers precise temperature control and a timer, among other nifty features, at $79.99.

Unless you’re a real fan of Hario and find it to be much better than the Bonavita, we’d skip the former and pick the latter instead.

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