Bunn pour over coffee maker review

You may not have heard of the Bunn pname being tossed around when it comes to pour over coffee, but you’ve probably had a cup of coffee from the Bunn pour over coffee maker before. Bunn are the leaders in commercial coffee brewer machines, and their pour over coffee is certainly comparable to those from manual drippers.

Bunn pour over coffee maker review


The Bunn VPR commercial pour over coffee maker was designed with safety and cleanliness in mind. All its internal components are made of stainless steel, and most owners of the Bunn claim that it has lasted them for years – decades in some cases! Unfortunately, its physical appearance is really dated – it looks like a coffee maker from the ’80s. It’s also quite large so you’ll need to find a suitably large and easily accessible space to put it.


Coffee Quality

Despite this being a commercial automatic machine, we enjoyed the coffee that was brewed using the Bunn pour over coffee maker. It’s not the best coffee, but it’s really good. More importantly, the Bunn is consistent – you don’t have to worry about your coffee being too weak one day and too strong the next.


Ease of Use

Pour over coffee is really easy to make using the Bunn machine. All that’s required to start brewing your coffee is to pour cold water into the top and wait for the decanter to fill up, and there are 2 separately controlled warmers so you can switch one off if it’s not in use. We didn’t find the SplashGard safety funnel to be particular useful, but neither was it in the way of our coffee brewing and drinking. The stainless steel parts are easy to clean, but because the Bunn contains a water tank, you should descale it regularly if you live in a place with hard water.



The Bunn pour over coffee maker is such an established commercial brand that even home users buy the commercial machines to get a great cup of coffee. If you’re not looking to experiment with specialty coffee beans and personalized brew methods, the Bunn is a great choice that will last for years.