Best Espresso in Cleveland

The simple word “Espresso” can turn heads and causes one to have a coffee-track mind . As simple as it is to make a cup of coffee, Espresso requires a certain kind of expertise from extracting coffee beans to brewing a perfect rich flavourful cup of Espresso. A good Espresso should taste like how coffee bean smells with an amplified rendition of a brewed coffee. As you roll your Espresso around your mouth, it should combust within your palates, releasing the coffee aroma giving you that sensational “mouth feel”.

What more to expect from America’s best coffee cities? As more and more java joints are propping all over Cleveland’s hooks and nooks it is no surprise that Cleveland was named in Travel and Leisure Magazine List as America’s Best Coffee Cities in 2014. But in the throngs of numerous coffee joints, which cafe has been selected by local Cleveland to have the best Espresso in town? Follow our guide as we show where you can find the best Espresso in Cleveland.

Editor’s note: if you want to enjoy espresso at home, check out our best espresso machine under $400 for 2016.


Phoenix Coffee

This well-known Phoenix Coffee is one of Cleveland’s Artisan Roaster. Having been roasting coffee in Cleveland for more than 25 years, they are renowned for selling the best espresso in four cafés located at:

EAST 9TH – 1700 E.9th Street Cleveland, OH
COVENTRY – 1793 Coventry Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH
LEE – 2287 Lee Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH
OHIO CITY – 3000 Bridge Ave. Cleveland, OH

Their outstanding rich, thick and creamy brew is what makes the local Cleveland gives their thumbs up alongside the friendly barista and the café’s welcoming spacious atmosphere. If Starbucks are your regular to go, Phoenix Cafe is a notch above the Starbucks quality. They roast their beans in small batches therefore; every cup is made certain for its freshness and crisp taste which will arouse every senses on your palate.


Rising Star

Rising Star is both a coffee shop as well as a roaster that produces lively, bold and unique blends of coffees and espressos. Not only are they skilful in their brewing art, Rising Star takes a hold of art, science and craft to create a very distinctive coffee shop in town. Their barista takes their coffee very seriously; knowing precisely which roasted coffee beans produces the best flavour and brewing style to magnify your coffee experience. They have the “whole vacuum-pot” brewing process which can open anew your coffee palates and senses. Rising Star is located in Hingetown, The Arcade and Little Italy.


Erie Island Coffee Company

Notable in Cleveland Magazine, Erie Island Coffee is voted to be the best coffee in Cleveland. Their roasted espresso with the combination from five varieties of coffee beans making a smooth sweet caramel taste that removes any hint of bitterness and adding cocoa as finishing touch. A good cup of Erie Island Espresso leaves a rich round mouthfeel that is accompanied with steamy cream milk, giving a sweet, strong taste yet not a whisper of bitterness. Erie Island Coffee Company indeed do not disappoint in proving why they were voted to be the best in Cleveland. Located on The East 4th Street.


Pour Cleveland

Pour Cleveland is famous for multi-roasted pour over espressos, rotating with a variety of coffee roasters from across the globe. For those who are looking to try out great coffee around the world, Pour Cleveland is indeed the place for thrill coffee-seeking lovers. Its mission is to create diverse taste through their “pour-over” revolution – one cup at a time, all hand brewed. Pour Cleveland is not a coffee hogwash. Their coffee bar exuberate strictly coffee ambience. Pour is where you can get strong, bold, hair on your chest espresso roast that focuses on quality. A cool bar-like atmosphere with friendly staffs that serves selective pastries that go down well with your cup of espresso!
Located in 530 Euclid Avenue


The Loop

Nestled in West 11th Street of Tremont Neighbourhood, is this doubled up record and CD store slash café. Instead of browsing through books and literature while sipping wine, here in The Loop, you browse through years of vinyl and CD music records as you enjoy your cup of brew. As any other café’s, The Loop serves primarily cookies, scones and muffins to accompany your caffeine addictions. Roasting in small batches at a time ensures your cup of Espresso is as fresh as it can be. Nothing out of the conventional coffee menu, however, what they do serve are indeed the best of the best. Many felt in love at their first sip.