Pour over coffee maker for camping

Coffee addicts can’t live without their coffee for a single day, even when they are at outdoor camping. In the case of pour over coffee, I always wonder if you can make it in the outdoors. After researching for some time, I found that there are some filters that are suited to bring along any camping trips. Here are two of my personal favorites.


What to look for

When looking for an outdoor drip coffee maker, there are some things you need to look for that are different from a typical home based pour over coffee maker:

  • Weight: When you are doing backpacking, the weight of an item is very important to keep things portable and manageable. That is why buying a light weight pour over coffee maker is sometimes more important than to get one that produces better coffee but is heavy.
  • Easy to clean: Since you are at the outdoors, you want a coffee maker that is easy to clean up after usage.
  • Taste: Finally, you still want something makes good coffee. It might not be on the same quality as those brewed in a restaurant but at least you will still enjoy it.


GSI pour over coffee maker for camping

pour over coffee maker for campingGSI has always been an innovator in this space so it is no surprise that its ultralight coffee maker is a hit among people who wants coffee for their camping. Its biggest feature is its weight. It weighs in less than half an ounce and is a perfect item in your backpack. I don’t think there is anything in the market that weighs lighter than this model.

Another good thing about the GSI ultralight coffee maker is the ease of cleaning it. No water is needed as all you need to do is to let the filter dried up and then dump the grounds. A nice bonus is that the coffee doesn’t leave too much of a mark in your cup due to its fine mesh so cleaning your coffee mug is also made easier.

In terms of making the coffee, it is also pretty hands free.  Just set up the coffee maker as shown, put in the grounds and pour hot water over it. Gravity will then take care of the rest and you will have yourself a nice cup of hot coffee.  One drip can yield 1-2 cups coffee, depending on how large your coffee mug is.

Do note that this set doesn’t include the scoop nor the cup so you either need to buy one or bring along the one that you already. The set includes only the mesh and the ‘legs’ that can be attached to any cup.


Onticco collapsible drip coffee maker

Collapsible pour over coffee for campingThis is another very cool pour over coffee maker by Onticco that has a very cool way of being packed.  The image below shows you how compact it can be when being collapsible and explained why I am recommending this coffee maker for camping.

Making coffee is easy. Just add the filter on top of the cone, pour in your grounds and water, and you are set. This also makes cleaning up a breeze. Just life the filter and grounds up from the cone and throw them in the trash can. There is no need to spend time washing the cone itself.

Collapsible drip coffee for campingThe only downside is the amount of coffee you can make. When compared to the GSI model above, this portable pour over coffee maker makes slightly less coffee so you will need to run through the cone a few times if you have more than 1 person drinking the coffee.

Taste wise, it is again not as good as pour over coffee made at home. However, when you are in the outdoors for days without freshly brewed coffee, any coffee will taste great. Trust me, it really does 🙂

Overall, it is a great item to carried along for your trip if you need fresh coffee without lugging along a big coffee maker.



If you are looking for the best pour over coffee maker for camping, these 2 models are what I recommend. They are light weight, easy to pack and very simple to clean. Prices are also very affordable. Best of all, they make good coffee that will satisfy your craving while you are out in the open land.