Hario kettle vs bonavita

Hario kettle has been one of my favorite cold brew coffee making equipment.  There hasn’t been much competition for it in terms of sheer quality and functionality. Only one brand come close and it is bonavita electric kettle. Hence, it makes sense to compare the two and see which brands come out on top.

To make it easier to compare, I am breaking down the evaluation criteria into different dimensions.


  • Spout design: Hario’s spout is located at a lower base compared to Bonavita. As a result, less water is being pooled at the bottom for Hario relative to Bonavita.
  • Pour rate: One of the most important function of gooseneck kettles like Hario and Bonavita is to create more control over the pour rate. It is here that both kettles perform equally well. Their spout has been ergonomically designed and it shows in the way you can exercise delicate control over the pour.
  • Handling: Bonavita has a nice sexy curved handle while Hario’s is relative straight. Hence, it is much nice to hold the Bonavita’s handle as your hand can wrap itself more naturally around it.  However, there are 2 screws located on underside at the top that affect the comfort of the handling.
  • Capacity: Hario’s capacity stands at 0.8 liter while Bonavita is around 1 liter.
  • Lid: Hario’s lid is not as tight as Bonavita. Hence when the kettle is poured at certain angles, Hario’s lid has a higher chance of falling out.
  • Quality: Both kettles are made of high quality stainless steel. However, Hario feels much thicker while Bonavita feels thinner. In this aspect, I feel Hario has a higher built quality relative to Bonavita.
  • Price: Hario is priced slightly higher than Bonavita. I personally feel that this price can be justified via its higher quality built quality.



At the end, both kettle are quite well done and can be considered leaders of the pack. If forced to make a choice, I feel that the Hario has a better finish and is worth the higher price tag.