Acaia pour over coffee scale review

If you’re a coffee aficionado who loves tasting different varieties of coffee and experimenting with different pour over coffee methods, then you’ll love the Acaia Pearl pour over coffee scale.

In today’s era of smart devices, the Acaia coffee scale is the first “smart weighing scale” of its kind. It’s specially designed for coffee enthusiasts, with the ability to monitor the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew different types of pour over coffee.

Acaia Pearl Features


  • 20ms response time for instant readings
  • Auto Zero tracking and creeping compensation technology
  • Accuracy of 0.1 gram
  • Built-in stopwatch/timer
  • USB rechargeable
  • Smart auto-off
  • Mobile app compatible and social sharing

We’ll get into the actual use experience soon, but this is something we feel makes an impact: the Acaia Pearl is beautifully designed. With its minimalist white finish and rounded edges, it looks like an Apple product – definitely something you’d want to show off in your kitchen.


Ease of Use


So what really makes the Acaia coffee scale smart? As the feature list hints, it’s the mobile app that works with the scale. The Acaia iPhone/iPad and Android apps connect wirelessly to the scale via Bluetooth and collects data such as the type of pour over coffee equipment, weight of coffee and amount of water used, allowing you to create what it calls a “brewprint”.

The brewprints can then be shared with fellow coffee lovers so that you can experiment with different tweaks and brew consistently good coffee from a particular batch of beans. In other words, the Acaia is really the dream gadget for lovers of pour over coffee.

When it comes to actual usage of the app together with the scale, syncing was smooth and seamless. We had no problems with Bluetooth connectivity on our LG G2 phone, but Acaia has highlighted that the app isn’t compatible with all Android devices (iPhone users should have no problems). In any case, the Acaia works great as a normal kitchen scale with no lag in response time or fluctuating readings during our tests.


Superb design

The design of the Acaia Pearl isn’t merely visually pleasing, but practical as well – with a completely smooth surface and touch-sensitive buttons instead of physical buttons, you won’t have to worry about water or dirt getting lodged in tiny crevices.

Given the thoughtfulness with which the Acaia pour over coffee scale has been designed and made, we have to say it’s definitely worth owning one. Get yours now.