10 recipes for making great iced pour over coffee

Iced coffee is the perfect summertime treat to quench your thirst (and caffeine cravings) on a blistering hot day. But instead of running to a cafe, why not try these recipes for making your own iced pour over coffee at home?


1. Iced Coffee Recipe, a la Prima

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First things first – iced coffee is generally brewed using two methods: pour over and cold brew. This article with recipes by Prima Coffee explains the differences and the science behind the two methods clearly and simply, and their iced pour over coffee recipe is also a good place to start experimenting.


2. Quick + Easy Iced Coffee

Leading US roasters Counter Culture Coffee have a recipe that’ll let you use any pour over coffee method you want. Check out their great video and find written instructions here.


3. Japanese Style Iced Coffee – Hario V60

Japanese style iced coffee is one of the most popular ways to make iced pour over coffee. Because it involves pouring over hot coffee onto ice, the brewing method is fast and simple if you already know how to make pour over coffee. First off, here’s a recipe using the Hario V60 by Peter Giuliano, Director of Coffee at Counter Culture Coffee.


4.25 oz. (1 1/2 cups) medium-fine coffee grounds; enough ice cubes to fill about three fourths of a 64-oz. carafe (1 standard ice cube tray); at least 32 oz. (4 cups) of boiling water


64-oz. (8-cup) carafe; pour-over filter basket and filter; kettle or another source of boiling water with a capacity of at least 32 oz,; ice-filled tall glasses

Servings: 8–12

1. Transfer ice cubes from a standard-size freezer tray into the carafe, loosely filling about three fourths of the carafe.

2. Place filter basket on top of the carafe. Place a filter inside the basket. Fill with 4 1/4 oz. (1 1/2 cups) of medium-fine ground coffee.

3. Pour boiling water slowly over grounds in a circular motion, just enough to wet the grounds, then stop. Wait about 20 seconds, then continue to pour boiling water slowly over the grounds, watching the brewed coffee as it drips into the carafe and melts the ice. You may need to pause pouring occasionally when filtering slows. When the level of the brewed coffee and ice nears 64 oz., pause as needed, stopping brewing when the total output reaches 64 ounces, including ice. The brewing and filtering process should take about 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Pour the brewed coffee into ice-filled tall glasses. Drink it black or add milk, cream or simple syrup to taste. Cover the carafe and refrigerate any unused portion for up to 24 hours.

Note: If the iced coffee is too strong, you can dilute it by adding cold water. If the iced coffee is not as strong as you like it, use more grounds or play with the coarseness of the grind, using more finely ground beans. (Don’t use too fine a grind, or the coffee might taste bitter. It shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes for the water to filter through the grounds.)


4. Japanese Style Iced Coffee – Chemex

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If you prefer to use a Chemex for your iced pour over coffee, this method by Drew Moody, creator of A Table in the Corner of the Cafe, will have you enjoying a clean crisp iced coffee in no time.

Place your Chemex on your digital scale;
Measure out 48 grams of your favorite ground coffee and grind somewhere between medium and coarse;
Bring 355 grams of purified water to a boil;
Drop 355 grams of ice cubes (preferably purified water ice) into the bottom of your Chemex;
Slowly pour 100 grams over the grounds until it blooms;
Allow to bloom for 60 seconds;
After 60 seconds, slowly pour the remaining 255 grams of water directly in the middle of the bloom in a circular motion;
Coffee should take between three to four minutes to finish brewing;
Pour coffee in a tall glass and enjoy!


5. Secret Ingredient Iced Coffee

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This recipe by John Hamanchosi, partner at 7 Coffee Roasting Co., involves a secret ingredient that brings out the light and refreshing notes in any iced pour over coffee! Get the recipe from Slate.


6. Clever Iced Pour Over Coffee

Jason Dominy, Wholesale Support and Outreach Coordinator at Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, shares his iced coffee recipe for the Clever coffee dripper:

1. 24 grams of coffee, to 340 grams of water. Water is just off boil, coffee ground around French Press size. The total brew time should be 4:00, so set grind accordingly.

2. Pre-wet and heat Clever, empty water.

3. Load ground coffee and tare scale.

4. Pour 100grams of water, small pause, gently push grounds into the water.

5. Finish pouring at a steady rate saturating all the grinds to 340grams of water.

6. Gently stir at top for 5sec to make sure all grounds are in the middle, avoiding touching the bottom of the filter.

7. At 2:30, start the drop, setting the Clever on a server or pitcher. Gently stir at start of drawdown for 10sec, incorporating grounds back into the body of the water. Should be done by 4:00

8. Take a glass or cup, at least 16 ounce, and fill to heaping with ice. As much ice as you can stack. As you pour coffee, pour close to ice, and pour very quickly. Give it a good stir. Enjoy.


7. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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Vietnamese coffee is known for being rich and sweet, and their iced coffees are no exception. Using some dark-roast Vietnamese brand coffees and a simple filter, you can follow Bon Appetit’s recipe for making a syrupy Vietnamese-style iced coffee.


8. Frozen Thai Iced Coffee

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This decadent-sounding treat jumped out at us while we were searching for the best recipes for iced coffee. It’s not a recipe for making the coffee itself, but for making the drink – it calls for 2 cups of hot coffee, so you can easily use your normal pour over coffee brewing method. Then, follow this recipe by Girl Versus Dough. Mmm.


9. New Orleans Iced Coffee

This classic iced coffee doesn’t actually use a pour-over method, instead using the cold brew method. It’s too good to leave out, however, so here’s the recipe by Blue Bottle Coffee.


10. East African Spritz Cocktail

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Yes, we’re ending this list with some alcohol…Food Republic’s recipe for this coffee cocktail uses Rwanda coffee, but you can easily use any African coffee, brew your pour over coffee, and then add the ingredients to get high, two ways in one. Enjoy!